Malalignment of Puppy Teeth

Several of our puppies have been found to have one or two, malaligned canines at their 6-week vet check-up. 

The effected teeth catch the top gum or roof of the mouth. I have been informed by my vet that this is the most common problem faced by very young pups and 99% of then self-correct in a matter of weeks without any treatment. 


As soon as I notice any issue with teeth catching the gums, I ensure the pup has access to ice to chew on – this will help numb their gums.  Also, I give extra cuddles whilst encouraging them to chew on suitable toys, this also helps with normal teething whilst training them what they are allowed to chew.


I offer help and support to buyers and as this is a pre-existing condition it is not covered by insurance.  I include and extra clause on the puppy contract stating that should any treatment be needed for this condition I will pay up to £300 towards any vet cost.


As this condition can only be discovered after the pup has been chosen at 4 weeks old, I do offer a full refund of the deposit should you decide that you do not wish to go ahead with the purchase as this is a health issue. I would also discuss the possibility of moving your name to another waiting list, should a place be available.


In fact, of the puppies that have been affected, roughly 25% corrected before they left us at 8 weeks old. The remaining pups self-corrected shortly after leaving. With the exception of one pup, who went on to need treatment. This was a precautionary treatment to place caps to ensure the adult teeth came through in the correct position. This treatment is only for mild cases.  There was the possibility that they would come through ok on their own, but the owners wished to be on the safe side. I paid the £300 towards the costs.


If you have any questions about this, please contact me to discuss it further.


This bottom canine tooth should sit outside of the top gum. 

It did self-correct in a matter of weeks. 

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