How I Raise Your Pup

Before We Breed Our Dogs  ....


 Rufus, Poppy, Bobbi and Bella have regular health checks at our Vets in Lancaster to make sure they are in the best possible condition before mating. They also have annual BVA Eye Tests.


Bella's Pregnacy ...


Bella has regular checks at the Vets and is put on to Royal Canin Mother and Baby Starter food part way through her pregnancy. 

She will have a scan (at home) when she is around 30 days. 

This is to confirm the preganacy and give an estimate of number of pups and due date.


Whelping ...


Bella is given free range to Whelp (give birth) where ever she feels most comfortable. 

When her first litter was born she started on the sofa then moved to her crate. Then she moved between two crates, alternating with each pup. Allowing my daugher and myself to provide her with a clean dry area for each pup's birth. 

She started having her pups at 7pm and whelped through the night.  The 11th pup was born at 8am the following day. 



The first 3 weeks ...


Bella has a purpose built whelping pen with heat lamp and heat pads.  

We monitor the temperature and humidity constantly and use a humidifier if required.

She is monitored 24 hours a day so she does not roll onto any of the pups.

I stay with her overnight to monitor and help with feeding.

As she had eleven pups in this litter, we chose to bottle feed on a rota to ensure they all fed and Bella had some rest. 

All pups are handled from day one.


You will receive regular photos and videos of the litter via Messenger or WhatsApp during these first few weeks.



Weeks 4 to 8 ...


The pups and Bella are moved into the Extended Kitchen area where there is another purpose build pen. 

They have a Heat lamp, humidifier, Two or more Crates, Toilet area and Feeding area.

As well as a large Whelping box / Play area.

As they get older they will have access to the whole extended kitchen and an outdoor pen. 


When the puppies are 4-6 weeks old you are invited to visit and choose your pup.

When you have a name we will use it daily so when you collect your pup at 8 weeks old they will know it. 

You are very welcome to visit your pup from week 6 to 8 to help with the bonding process. 


You will receive regular videos and photos of your pup via Messenger or Whats App. 

If you would like I will forward you information and answer any questions you may have about your pup

and what to expect when you take them home.




OutDoor Space



We make every effort to ensure your pup is exposed to as many positive socialisation

experiences as possible before leaving us including:

  • Introducing them to other dogs,
  • Introducing them to children of all ages and a variety of adults. 
  • They are given the opportunity to spend time on a variety of surfaces and spaces.
  • They have access to a wide variety of toys and activities.
  • They are introduced to crates.
  • They are transported in a car at least once. 
  • They are handled daily and have eye, ear, mouth, paw and bottom checks regularly. 
  • As they are being brought up in a kitchen area they are exposed to all the daily noises, sights and smells including washing machine, dryer, radio and hoovers.



Health and Wellbeing



Your pup is weighed regularly and checked daily for any possible issues. 

Pups are wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old with Drontal Oral Suspension.
I do not use any Flea or Tick treatment unless necessary.

We keep records of all weighing, feeding, worming and health checks.


At 6 weeks old ~

They are seen by the vet for a check up.

If you wish for them to have their 1st vaccination of Versican DHPPi / L4 this is given

or if your vet has a different vaccination I will do my best to get that for your pup.

They are microchipped and registered on the Petlog database. 



Collecting Your Pup


You will receive a comprehensive Puppy Pack with your pup. 

Including, but not limited to, :

  • Information Booklet on how to bring up a Double Doodle puppy
  • Copies of both parents Health Certificates
  • Weight Chart
  • Socialisation Chart
  • Vaccination Record
  • Microchip Information
  • Wormimg Record
  • Genealogy
  • Puppy Contract
  •  Raw Puppy Food
  • Scented Blanket (Litter mates and parents)
  • Puppy toys
  • A photo with Mum and Dad
  • Lifetime support for you and your pup
  • 4 Weeks FREE insurance with PETPLAN

Please note I do not use any Flea and Tick treatment unless necessary.



I am very happy to discuss any particular wishes you may have about your pup including raw/dry/wet diet. 


The pup's Microchip information will be logged with

and transferred into your name before the pup leaves. 


How to Purchase a Puppy

Puppy Questionnaire

Pup Information Pack

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Puppy Contract


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