Here are some of my recommendations for your puppy 


36” Crate – MidWest Homes Pets Ovation

Available from Amazon.  

We have the 42" Mid West which is larger than needed. Two of our adult dogs sleep in one open crate during the day and sometimes over night. 

The 36" is ample for one dog.


If you buy a crate with a divider you can gradually increase the size as your pup grows.

The pup should be able to lay down on it's side, legs stretched and not touch the crate. Also be able to turn around, again, without touching the crate.


Meduim or Large booster bath - The medium size bath is ample for your grown up pup but I have the large which can hold two dodles at once.


We got ours from but I believe they are out of stock at the moment. You can get some on Ebay and direct from Booster bath USA.


This has been my life saver! It is used every single day. I always wash the dog’s paws and bits after every walk and with this raised bath, it is very easy. The bath comes with it's own shower head.  I have a hot and cold tap next to the bath. So they are bathed in warm water.


I would recommend getting the steps, which are sold separately.

Car Crate

Car crate Ferplast Atlas 100 (fits 2 grown dogs)


We got ours from Amazon.


These crates are great for containing all the muck and wet that can accompany your dog after their walk. It saves having to clean your car if they decide to shake! They are super lightweight and have easy to use carry handles. They have a sliding front door which is great for putting on the dog lead before they get out of the car. 


For one grown dog the Ferplast Atlas 80 is great.



This one is available from Amazon.


Please buy a harness that has the Y shape front panel that goes through their front legs.  The harnesses with straight panels that go across their chest interfere with their natural gait and restrict the natural movement of their shoulder blades.


For a small pup it is nice to have a harness that is made of a light soft fabric. This is just an example, there are plenty to choose from. 


I use a harness when the pup is having a play/run on a long lead, when lead training it is better to attach the lead to the collar.  This is because when a puppy pulls and they are wearing a harness it gives them extra strength as it is around their shoulders where alot of their strength is. 

Collar Size


8 Week old Puppy - neck size is usually around 25cm


I get mine from Amazon.


I would recommend getting a 20-30cm collar as their first collar. Pup will grow out of this fairly quickly, so maybe find a second hand one. The next size up is the 30-40cm collar. 



I recommend this book as a good base for understanding your new puppy. 


I also recommend 

The Complete Guide to Goldendoodles

by Erin Hotovy



The Owners Guide from Puppy to Old Age

by Alan Kenworthy



Available form Amazon.



Metal Greyhound Comb

These are available from all pet stores.


They are best used after the Slicker brush to remove the brokden up matts from your dogs fur. 

Slicker Brush

Slicker brush - medium


Available from


I recommend having the green slicker brush for the puppy fur.


And the purple slicker brush for the adult coat. The slicker brush breaks up the matts. These slicker brushes are flexible and move with the shape of your dog. 

Donut Dog Bed

Dogs love these!


I got mine from Amazon.


These are easy to clean and very comfy.  We have a range of sizes and all the dogs sleep in them. A small bed (60cm) is okay as a pup but the medium would suit better (80cm) for an older dog.


Raw Food

I recommend Able raw food.


They offer a range of high-quality meals including the option of chunky or non-chunky.  I have found that my adult dogs prefer the chunky.


Raw food is better for your dogs digestion. It will produce smaller, firmer, less smelly poo. Also less gas. 


You can feed raw alongside other food as long as you allow a minimum of 2 hours between the different feeds. This is because the raw is digested differently to cooked food. 


Raw food should be frozen to kill off any a bacteria.  Then defrosted before feeding to your dog.


Available from Amazon.


They come in a range of shapes and sizes.


Great for teething pups and for an activity to keep them occupied. Fill with puppy moose or other meat pastes (dog friendly). Squeezy cheese can also be used. Or have a go at making your own!

Chewing Root

Dogs love these!


I got mine from Amazon.


They are a wooden root that does not splinter, so ideal for teething pups. I bought the medium size root and these are still used now as adults.


Lick Mat

There are a few different types of lick mats.


I like the ones with the suction cups on the bottom so you can secure them to the wall or floor.


Great for slowing down your pup if they gobble their food. Also useful for a distraction when brushing or washing your dog or if you plan to leave them for a little while on their own.


Avaiable from Amazon


Slow Feeder Bowl

Available from Amazon.


Great for slowing down a puppy who gulps down their food. 


Use with both raw and dry food.

Washable Puppy Pads

These are very useful when training your pup.


You can use them anywhere, in the car, on the sofa and any room.


They come in a variety of sizes and colours. 


Great for peace of mind and for the environment.


I get mine from Amazon.


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